Disk Finial Makes Hook Distinctive

Here a simple custom-from-stock hook creation. A standard Flatback Backplate distributes the load and protects the display surface. A simple circular Metal Disk as frontstop and finshing finial. With an oversize Frontwire, more as design statement than necessity for loading. Add environmentally friendly Silver powdercoat and Voila, a hook that makes a real statement in … Continue reading Disk Finial Makes Hook Distinctive

Micro Slotwall + Mini Display Hook

Normally I see miniaturized fixtures in Jewelry. But here is an exception. And this Micro-size Slotwall seems to require a custom-from-stock hook solution. Note the significant offset of the stamped backplate. I did not have an opportunity to try it in Slatwall, but even if it fit, the hook might not “catch” well or be … Continue reading Micro Slotwall + Mini Display Hook

Loop Hook Sidesaddle Metal Plate

A side-mount position for Metal Plate Label Holders fronting Loop Hooks. Otherwise, these are normal All Wire Metal Plate Scanning Loop Hooks for Adhesive Labels. In a crowded POP display the sidesaddle position might aid access and reduce space requirements. In any case, the modification is an easy custom-from-stock change. Contact your manufacturer. Beautiful, rich … Continue reading Loop Hook Sidesaddle Metal Plate

Imaginative Backplate Uses

Custom-from-stock designs reuse existing fixtures in creative new ways, extending their functionality and creating new merchandising solutions. Here Plastic Straight-Entry Backplates become the mount for Auto-Feed Pusher Trays for Softgoods. Note the adaptation is simple, and the B/P solution works on Pegboard, Slatwall and Slatwire. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview. For advantages of Straight-Entry … Continue reading Imaginative Backplate Uses

Bullet Point Belt Branding

Metal Disks tip standard Slatwall Display Hooks as productstops while also branding and distinguishing the display. The Disks are a simple custom-from-stock improvement that attracts the eye while improving safety. Notice that like typographical “bullet points” they even help focus attention on the Route 66 clothing brand name labels. Back tags at the rear speed … Continue reading Bullet Point Belt Branding

Pimped-Out Custom Pusher Hook

Merchandises gets a pimped out ride with this accessorized Pusher Hook design. The metal plate front could allow for adhesive labels, but actually provides a mount for Extruded Label Strip that extends across, brands and promotes the entire row. The side-saddle Flip-Front Label Holder provides for individual facing product and price information. A saddle bar … Continue reading Pimped-Out Custom Pusher Hook

Slatwall Mystery Fixture #6

I believe these to be custom-from-stock backplates of some sort. They include raised weldments employed in standard hook backplates … but nothing is fused to them. The angled lower flange is a puzzler too. But they could be easily made “custom” from the “stock” dies and manufacturing jigs on the plant floor. CLICK the thumbnail … Continue reading Slatwall Mystery Fixture #6

Shelf Divider Mounts on Slatwall

Now here is a real collectable for the National Museum of Store Fixtures; a Wire Divider System crafted for Slatwall Use but employed within Pallet Rack. CLICK the thumbnail to get a closer look and see that the system is a “Custom-from-Stock” upgrade. Backplates are common Flatback Slatwall / Pegboard designs, available as loose components … Continue reading Shelf Divider Mounts on Slatwall

Hook Finials Customized from Stock

Display Hook Frontwire Disks, Finials and Productstops have their own ongoing thread of news coverage on FixturesCloseUp. Here you see some standard size Frontwire Disks that at least one large hook manufacturer stocks on site. This is a graphic reminder that hook finials are an easy custom-from-stock upgrade to almost any hook order. For mere … Continue reading Hook Finials Customized from Stock

Crazy Glue Slatwall Mirror Mount

Of all things, this reminded me of a tiny woman’s compact or pocket mirror, cleverly adapted to mount directly on Slatwall. Flipped over a simple metal backplate is Crazy Glued on the back as a mount. An economical and efficient custom-from-stock addition wherever needed. Though without a metal frame I’d worry if it were dropped. … Continue reading Crazy Glue Slatwall Mirror Mount

Display Hook Finial Up-Turned

Frontwire disks as a finishing, safety or even security elements are widespread. Normally they are welded centered on a Single Prong Display Hook frontwire, while on Scan Hooks, they are welded to a downturn in the upper scan arm frontwire. Here a Display Hook is purposely upturned to accept the Disk, where it forms a … Continue reading Display Hook Finial Up-Turned

Straight-Entry All Wire Shelf Dividers

Popular and common-use Two-piece Straight-Entry Hook Backplates become the Pegboard mount for simple All Wire Dividers. These B/P (backplates) have been seen holding hooks, sign holders, tray merchandisers, in POP displays and now supporting dividers. This shows the power of custom-from-stock creations. Next time you have a need, ask your manufacturer what solution he might … Continue reading Straight-Entry All Wire Shelf Dividers

Speaker Platforms for Wire Grid

Mini-shelves make great pedestals for apartment and computer speaker systems. These look so good I wish I had Wire Grid slung across the wall of my bedroom. And they are thoughtfully designed too. CLICK the thumbnail for a view that reveals a port through which to thread speaker wires at the rear. The backplate is … Continue reading Speaker Platforms for Wire Grid

Extrusion as Pegboard Standoff

What if you manufactured in only one material? Wouldn’t you try to make all components from it to maximize your plant utilization? Here channel-shaped standoffs mount by oversize pushbuttons to Pegboard. Their purpose? To position signage and category defining extrusions across the display front. They are quite good looking, but possibly a tad space consumptive. … Continue reading Extrusion as Pegboard Standoff

Logo Branded Display Hooks

A ghosted logo on this Display Hook Tip makes for subtle branding. The disk upgrade is an inexpensive custom-from-stock addition by the manufacturer. But was the logo imaged in place (pad printer?), or created before attachment (silk screened?), I don’t know. If you know the production technique for a short-run case like this, please leave … Continue reading Logo Branded Display Hooks

Hat Ledge for Slot

Simple all-wire, slot-mount trays or ledges provide a tailored means of presenting caps and hats. Upturned front corners help corral the caps, but variations on this theme have been seen with raised wire side rails and/or front stops.  The backplate legs could easily be pegboard, slatwall, slatwire and 1″ grid capable (but obviously not 2″ … Continue reading Hat Ledge for Slot

Wire Fencing Refrigerated Retail

An uncommon cooler use of shelf edge Wire Fence Fixturing powder coated in a black finish. I leave you to draw your own conclusions, but might I suggest more heavily inventoried bar-mounted open wire basket which also avoids the loss of space and intrusive visual overhang of the solid shelves. One might also consider a … Continue reading Wire Fencing Refrigerated Retail

Universal Pick Card Holder

A baseline Pick Card Holder implementation for merchandising applications in drug, warehouse club, mass merchandiser, electronics and similar retail environments.  It is inexpensive, visually unobtrusive and blends with most decors. Shown is a two-piece design, with even less costly one-piece extruded versions also common. Push pin and double-side tape attachment are available. I often urge … Continue reading Universal Pick Card Holder

Ladder-from-Grid Crossover Hook

A view behind the scenes of the Backplate reveals this Ladder Hook to be a modified common Grid Hook. The design was adapted to the ladder tower rung’s larger diameter. Though sophisticated looking, this is a great example of custom-from-stock, where minor modification of the ordinary design can produce more upscale results at minimal cost. Powdercoat is “Green” and … Continue reading Ladder-from-Grid Crossover Hook