Dior® Window Dressing Pipe Dreams in Pink PVC

I am sure these Dior® Pink PVK pipe constructs were a creation nightmare for the Window Dressing Staff. But they are perfect for the many admires of the tightly focused PVC outfitting thread here on FixturesCloseUp. But don’t worry, I will simultaneously cross file under Dior® fixtures and merchandising in case you lean more in … Continue reading Dior® Window Dressing Pipe Dreams in Pink PVC

Dior® Window Dressing Pipe Dreams in Purple PVC

Need to make a visual Purse statement and normal colors too namby-pamby? Try an industrial chic approach in Purple PVC Pipe. If Dior® can get away with it, you can too. Just do a dry run or two to determine if you can and should paint before or after setting the joints with PVC Cement, … Continue reading Dior® Window Dressing Pipe Dreams in Purple PVC

Monkey Fist Focus Of Nautical Window Dressing

Not a seaman, the closest I can categorize this nautical knot is a Monkey Fist, which I though was tied mainly to weight a rope end for line toss. Obviously, you can anchor a line with a Monkey Fist, as well as make it look something like a Half-Windsor Necktie Knot. In any event, it … Continue reading Monkey Fist Focus Of Nautical Window Dressing

Pink® Branded Puppy Window Dressing

Celebratory trim is added to Pink (a sister store od Victoria’s secret) windows with gold Foil and embedded Pink Puppies. Since window dressing I could not inspect closely in person as glass intervened, but the puppies do appear to be air filled making them technically inflatables. But how it is done, i couldn’t say. #   … Continue reading Pink® Branded Puppy Window Dressing

Moleskine® Analog and Digital Window Dressing

Sequential messages in a Moleskine® window pitch … “Expressions of Yourself … In the Analog … And In The Digital Age.” A truism for Moleskine which has one foot firmly planted in each domain … handwritten, hand-drawn journals and diaries that translate directly to digital versions. Research directly at any Moleskine boutique … or via … Continue reading Moleskine® Analog and Digital Window Dressing

Woops® Branded Macaron Window Dressing Frame

Stepping back from the actual display you get an overall look at this Macaron and Cookie window dressing visual merchandising by Whoops®. The featured sign and packaging is colorful but a solid black window runaround is what frames and truly demands attention. A plate of cookies at the base would help, but what is truly needed … Continue reading Woops® Branded Macaron Window Dressing Frame

Woops® Macaron Window Dressing Jenga

Since the Macarons won’t easily stack, Woops® features a Jenga-like full package Visual Merchandising construct as Window Dressing. If the Macaroons were as colorful as the icons on the branded signage at right, I surely would have added a plate- or tray-full at the base to visually tickle the tastebuds of passersby. What about you? CLICK … Continue reading Woops® Macaron Window Dressing Jenga

Handform Window Dressing In Australia

Window dressing for a graphic arts and office supply business reach out offering to “Refresh Your Corporate Look.” Individual hands offer brochures, pamphlets, business stationary, branded envelopes, mailers, business cards and more. A refreshing way in itself to brand this business and offer its services. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview of the storefront and the … Continue reading Handform Window Dressing In Australia

1939 Window Dressing Eye Opener

Let us all pause in a moment of silence for those who pioneered modern visual merchandising like the unsung Widow Dresser of the vintage Optician’s shop from New York City, 1939. Frankly I would have assigned an earlier date, but then to me anything prior to Star Trek is Pre-Postmodern. See the original at Le blog … Continue reading 1939 Window Dressing Eye Opener

Window Dressing a Hair Dresser

Yes, even Hair Dressers can benefit from professional Window Dressing. I can’t say if I would go precisely with this theme for high-end hair-doery. But it is a traffic stopping example of Visual Merchandising. While traffic was stopped, the Spa / Salon offered sunglasses, jewelry, fragrances and more. CLICK the thumbnail for another look. Compare … Continue reading Window Dressing a Hair Dresser

Window Dressing a Hardware Store

How do you insure you stand out in the competitive world of retailing? Even more difficult, how to stand out while marketing work-a-day hardware items? Steal a page from the merchandising playbook of Cole Hardware, billed as San Francisco’s Favorite Hardware Store, and positioning their chain as “Cole. Hardware for the Soul.” Here very professional … Continue reading Window Dressing a Hardware Store

Wood Bicycle Window Dressing

In my Mountain Biking days this wood-frame cycle certainly would have caught my eye in a bike shop window. But as a window display or point-of-purchase advertising I think I would use a contrasting background to all-the-more make the wood stand out. Research more at Renovo Bicycles USA or test drive at Bike Culture, Rotorua, New … Continue reading Wood Bicycle Window Dressing

Window Dressing for the Birds

Here is late-breaking Christmas Window Dressing just posted by one of my oft-referred-to sites, Fascination for Shop Windows. Even they apologize for the late publication, but as with all bloggers, we have so much to say and comment on, its hard to get it all online in a timely fashion. Still this merits publication here … Continue reading Window Dressing for the Birds

Earth Day Window Dressing

Anthropologie and the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance joined forces creating these Mandala-like retail shop windows to raise consciousness on the importance of preserving Cork forests. Beautiful they are. Conserving my own electronic ink here, the story is best told by the Retail Design Diva. I’ve had photos available for weeks but it is the Diva who ferreted … Continue reading Earth Day Window Dressing

“Brides ‘R Us” Window Dressing

My wife Margarit is from overseas, but never described coming ashore like this. I do imagine that unwrapping any Mail Order Bride would be fun. But does one have to put the girl back in the box when done playing with her? COMPARE directly to display in Dubai… “Mail-Order-Brides Revisited” For unusual Mannequin display that … Continue reading “Brides ‘R Us” Window Dressing

Anti-Theft Window Dressing

Admitted these faced the low-traffic side street, yet sad to see retail windows naked and undressed. From this backside view of 3″ or 4″ Grid, the shopkeep has obviously maximized internal display space. And the Grid functions as a security grill guarding against break in. For cage-like and enclosed security SEE… “Locking Security Cart in … Continue reading Anti-Theft Window Dressing

Lay-up Model As Window Dressing

In my day this was the technique to create a chipboard architectural lay-up model: layers of cardboard laminated to form the contours of the terrain of a building site. Here I admire it because it is, first, minimalist … and more. Some lonely window dresser with absolutely no budget or materials cut up corrugated boxes … Continue reading Lay-up Model As Window Dressing

Geoffrey Is Now Hiring Toys R Us® Inflatable

A Geoffrey “Now Hiring” Inflatable for Halloween at Toys R Us, with the mascot lending a hand as attention compeller. If you look close you’ll see these are actually Geoffrey Birthday Club Balloons, but no matter. Its Geoffrey’s smiling branded face and the inflatables playful wafting in the breeze that is needed to draw attention … Continue reading Geoffrey Is Now Hiring Toys R Us® Inflatable

Branded Balloons Bolster Walmart® Hire List

Yes a new, better job is reason for celebration, which Walmart does here in advance with celebratory Helium Balloons. Branded they help project a major chain image, while the slight motion helps catch the eye and focus attention on the draped-branded table. Say I am too promotion minded, but I would give a branded balloon … Continue reading Branded Balloons Bolster Walmart® Hire List

Vera Bradley® Macramé or Giant Monkey Fist

I wanted to call this Pedestal covering both Macramé and a complex extension of Monkey Fist knot tying. The roped texture provided both contrast with the modern fixtures, as well as something of a call to natural materials. Seen at a Vera Bradley® branded display, but not necessarily her’s and useful anywhere in the store. … Continue reading Vera Bradley® Macramé or Giant Monkey Fist