Best Typefaces for Retail and POP

Trust me to get it all backwards. From an article on the worst fonts I managed to scavenge lists of the best and most used typefaces. Many are among my personal favorites too, and are as good a starting place as any for that retail sign, shelf edge label, or point-of-purchase promotion you have in … Continue reading Best Typefaces for Retail and POP

Best Pegboard Hook Backscratcher

Alright. I admit it. I have sometimes grabbed a nearby Pegboard Hook to relieve a difficult-to-reach itch. Normally I am not too picky about the style Pegboard Hook. But if I have my druthers, I would choose an Attached Back Hook like this as my Backscratcher. Typically AB Hooks have a long Frontwire. And the rounded … Continue reading Best Pegboard Hook Backscratcher

Best Hook for Hand or Foot

My favor fixture combo is socks on J-hook because of the built-in product stop effect to contain the bulky foot coverings. Here thick winter gloves benefit from the same feature. No matter how many or how bulky, J-hooks always do the job. They may be worthy of a nomination for a “Best Practices” tag. Vote with … Continue reading Best Hook for Hand or Foot

Grid Hook Fitted To Wire Basket

A great deal of money was spent on expensive chromed Metro-style Shelving and chromed Display Hooks to match … but the Grid Hooks weren’t designed to mate to the Wire Basket. It was a creative way to maximize selling space but detracted from store image and introduced an aisle-intrusion safety hazard for patrons. For and … Continue reading Grid Hook Fitted To Wire Basket

Guarded J-Hook for Shelf Edge

Over time, as shelf-edge guarding improved, the Tag Channel J-hook became totally enclosed as here, and the hook frontwire lost that pronounced J-shape, itself an earlier safety feature. But engineers love to overdesign, so even though totally enclosed this Hook still features an Upturned Ball End Safety Tip. Far better safe than sorry. CLICK the … Continue reading Guarded J-Hook for Shelf Edge

Powerwing Hook Hazard

“It’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye.” Or at least that’s the message of this outboard mounted Powerwing Hook. It was positioned too high to threaten children, but at the perfect height to give an adult an eyeful. Please confine such hooks to within the space defined by the Powerwing wraparounds. Low-profile … Continue reading Powerwing Hook Hazard

Burt’s Bees Via PowerWing

It’s not often I see the same product merchandised two different ways in the same store. Today relate this vertical grid PowerWing display on Straight Entry Scan Hooks to a parallel post of Burt’s Bees in a micro gravity-feed system. Note in this incarnation different incompatible Straight-Entry Two-Piece Scan Hooks are employed. These hooks are available … Continue reading Burt’s Bees Via PowerWing

Negative Space Enhances Hooks

Here an auto detailing salon uses massing along with “negative space” to elevate what might otherwise have been a cheap-looking display of  air fresheners and related auto items. Open uncluttered space above and below gives an expansive and slightly more expensive feel. Many items were allowed several facings to help fill the wall and give an … Continue reading Negative Space Enhances Hooks

Slatwall and Pegboard Compared

This well-spaced Slatwall Metal Plate Scan Hook display rivals the orderliness and consistent spacing of Pegboard.  It is  a tribute to the retailer’s staff in taking time to arrange and stock.  But the infinite adjustability of slatwall, makes lightly loaded hooks prone to shifting sideways, ruining the display.  One would normally choose Pegboard, clip-on Flat … Continue reading Slatwall and Pegboard Compared

Auto-Feed Pusher-Hook Rack

This elaborate multi-hook merchandiser is fabricated in horizontal units. It provides many of the advantages of a shelf management system, but for hooks. Auto-feed is not by spring-driven pusher hooks, but flexible bowed tongues of plastic compressed behind the product. The crosswire product stop just above the hook frontwire also delivers some anti-sweep and security … Continue reading Auto-Feed Pusher-Hook Rack

All Wire on Armored Slatwall

An interesting amalgamation of  All Wire Hook and Slatwall fixture specification. The hook is one of the most economical designs: All Wire Scan Hook for Pegboard and Slatwall. The Label Holder Mount an industry standard FISH Tip which will accepts Extruded, Molded, and Flip-front Label Holders (sans flip-action) as well as sign holders without the … Continue reading All Wire on Armored Slatwall

Grab a Beer at Brooks Brothers

Iced Corona and Lime promote hot weather fashions at Brooks Brothers. Does the display put you in a vacation and casual fashions mood? CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look. Not being a drinker I can’t explain the single lemon amid the limes. Is there a sub cult of Corona drinkers, or was Visual Merchandising … Continue reading Grab a Beer at Brooks Brothers

Compare Diesel UK & USA Display

While I was breaking Diesel window dressing news here in the US, others were breaking Diesel window dressing, Bond Street, London, UK. Who was first? I can’t say for certain, though I think FixturesCloseUp was by a day or two. My post featured Diesel refrigerated shoe fashions. Here Bond Street is based upon wash and … Continue reading Compare Diesel UK & USA Display

HD Backplates for Macho Displays

Though Heavy-Duty Backplates have their own thread here on FixturesCloseUp, only rarely does one see such outfitting in mint condition servicing macho Hardware and Tools. As a 4-lug variety Backplate, this one is at the upper end of the scale for combination Pegboard / Slatwall applications. For Heavy-Duty Backplates SEE… “Wide-Stance Circular-Shape Backplates” “Oversize Backplates Compared” … Continue reading HD Backplates for Macho Displays

Hook Design & Quality Standards

These simple Straight-Entry Scan Hooks appear to be on a drunken binge. Fixturing this bad detracts from store appearance, and even detracts from the price you can command for items. A disheveled store implies “deep discount” and “poor quality.” Industry standards for Display and Scanning Hook uptilt is 5 to 7 degrees. All hooks have … Continue reading Hook Design & Quality Standards

Fixtures Close Up ® Recognition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tony Kadysewski 570-578-9223 FixturesCloseUp® Now a Registered Trademark Popular Online Site and Name Granted Legal Exclusivity. The popular online blog has been awarded legal Registered Trademark status by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. FixturesCloseUp® offers micro-fixture case studies, product reviews, analysis and rating of design and function, … Continue reading Fixtures Close Up ® Recognition

Hit on the Head in Retail

How can you avoid being hit on the head by a falling flying pan in the cookware aisle? Try a 90° Tip Single-Prong Display Hook like these for Slatwall. The upturned tip provides positive item retention, similar to that of Shelf Management Front Productstops. For other hook safety SEE… “Careful Alexix! Sharp Hooks” “Ideas Wanted: … Continue reading Hit on the Head in Retail

Rabbit Ears, Auto ICC’s & Shams

On a slow fixture news day I can always resort to commenting on components lost in the bottom of the fixtures grab bag. Here Rabbit Ear ICC’s (Inventory Control Clips) are compared with Auto-Placement ICC’s and a Sham, though many other shapes and varieties exist. I favor Rabbit Ear ICC’s because the “ears” allow easiest … Continue reading Rabbit Ears, Auto ICC’s & Shams