Victoria’s Secret Reward Metronome in Motion

Victioria’s Secret offers weekly surprises and a Secret Reward up to $500 off. But to the uninitiated like me, the promotion makes little sense. I know something is in the works, but what? Do you think this a promotion to loyal customers only? Would you have reached out more to all who enter the store, … Continue reading Victoria’s Secret Reward Metronome in Motion

Pink® Secret vs Victoria’s Secret® Metronome Branding

This metronome sign chides “Don’t Forget to Redeem Your Secret…” and given the similarity of branding of the Sister stores, I thought I was in Victoria’s Secrets® not Pink® (or Kansas, Toto). Is the similar branding reinforcing across the Sister stores, or would you have tried to differentiate branding somewhat-to-radically more. Look closely for hints … Continue reading Pink® Secret vs Victoria’s Secret® Metronome Branding

Metro Retail Security Cart or Mobile Jail

A completely naked Metro Security Cart stands in a corner ready to serve any retail need: jewelry transport or restraint of rowdy customers. One might even imagine pet store uses transporting bigger breeds to waiting family SUV’s. It is certainly large enough. Need something even bigger and brawnier? Get a Metro Security Dolly … the next step … Continue reading Metro Retail Security Cart or Mobile Jail

Metro End-Aisle Merchandise Cart Rotation

Low Metro Carts at aisle ends ease tightness and any claustrophobic feel making the main aisle more spacious and inviting. The mobility added by casters makes rearranging Endcap merchandise order quick and simple. The location of focused cart displays can even be changed daily to keep the department looking fresh to even the most frequent … Continue reading Metro End-Aisle Merchandise Cart Rotation

Half a Metro, Better Than None

What better proof of the association of Metro-style Open Wire Shelf with the culinary arts than this Half-a-Metro display in a warehouse club? You must admit that the cookware looks far more professional surrounded by Metro than on pallet rack alone.  And what can I contribute to the polish of the presentation? Lighting is dramatic … Continue reading Half a Metro, Better Than None

Daily Chef® Half-Metro Display

This size display has been seen before … in Warehouse Club as well as Mass Merchandiser use. I wonder if this is an industry standard Cookware display used broadly. This Daily Chef® interpretation relies upon Metro- or Metro-Like Restaurant Shelving to add authenticity and authority. Of course Metro-like shelving finds many other uses in retail, healthcare, … Continue reading Daily Chef® Half-Metro Display

Metro® Cart Caveat Emptor

Metro® Super Erecta Shelf is the original post-mount open wire shelf and storage system. But since its creation, and out-growing the regular Erecta Shelf, many competitors have sprung up to immitate the originator so Caveat Emptor. Here is one of many as a small transport cart. See the snakes and supports on these shelves are reversed and … Continue reading Metro® Cart Caveat Emptor

Cuisinart® Half-Metro® Display

So ingrained is the image of Metro-style shelving as restaurant furnishings, that a great number of Cookware Departments use it for store display. Here a warehouse club uses half a Metro-style Shelf, wire shelf overlay and overhead Hang Rod configuration to set the stage and display cookware on pallet rack. How would we subconsciously communicate … Continue reading Cuisinart® Half-Metro® Display

Secret Reward Heart Metronome

Sometimes still photography is just not enough, as in the obvious need to convey a Secret Reward Heart-Shaped Metronome to you via video. Normally FixturesCloseUp has little need for motion, but luckily video is in my blood at least partially … my brother teaches Film in Ireland. Do you think he’d give this clip a “Pass” … Continue reading Secret Reward Heart Metronome

Citizen® Diamond Metronome

It is well known that jeweled bearings are used in the best of mechanical watch movements. But this diamond metronome or  pendulum tries to call attention to the three diamonds mounted in the Bezel of this Citizen® offering. The slight motion in the otherwise static jewelry case was successful in drawing attention to Citizen. CLICK the thumbnail and … Continue reading Citizen® Diamond Metronome

Metro® Hang Rod Revisted

This display provided a better than usual opportunity to capture Hang Rod use in a Metro® Open Wire Shelving cookware display. With Metro being the pre-eminent restaurant storage system, it often finds its way into food related venues from cookware, to gourmet grocery, to movie restaurant sets. Outfitting like this allows hanging display within what would … Continue reading Metro® Hang Rod Revisted

Declined Metro® Cookware Display

Declined Open Wire Shelves have been a standard offering by Metro® for ages. I just do not see often in the retail circles in which I travel. This was a good example of the fixture, use, and merchandising thereof. Metro’s fame in restaurant fixtures adds an air of professionalism to cookware merchandising … hence its … Continue reading Declined Metro® Cookware Display

Metro® Plug-In Caps in White

I have always seen Metro Super Erecta support caps in black. Here a department of White Powder Coat Super Erecta is outfitted with matching White Hole Plugs. I think I would have been okay with the standard Black, but White as a detail is noted by the trained fixture eye. Mine! CLICK the thumbnail for … Continue reading Metro® Plug-In Caps in White

Wood Shelf Overlay for Metro®

The Ying and Yang of Metro Open Wire Shelf is just that, the open wire. It sheds dust and dirt, allows light to penetrate lower shelves, and projects a clean modern image. But all that wire and the potential for sight leaks can sometimes take away from some displays. Here wood shelf overlays with diagonal … Continue reading Wood Shelf Overlay for Metro®

INDEX: Metro® Display Fixtures

INDEX: Metro® Display Fixtures EDITOR’S NOTE: Topmost posts may be scheduled but not yet live. Please click further down the list if necessary. For all things Metro® by Title see… “Super Erecta Shelf® Floral Dunnage Rack” “Nautica® Cart Merchandising Window Display” “Nautica® Mobile Cart Merchandising” “T-Fal®  Blue Cookware on Custom S-Hooks” “Metro® Wireform in White Powder … Continue reading INDEX: Metro® Display Fixtures

Grid Back for Metro Wire Shelf

The completely open construction of Metro Shelf is usually the look desired when it is selected. Here, however, perimeter units are equipped with 4 foot by 4 food Grid to close the back and provide vertical display space for cookware. The Grid itself does not resolve potential sight leak problems, but the perimeter placement and … Continue reading Grid Back for Metro Wire Shelf

Metro Shelf As Aquarium Display

A great Metro Open Wire Shelf look that allows light and vision to penetrate massed aquarium displays. The modern minimalist look puts the aquariums center stage for purchase. You might even consider shelving like this for the fish tank at home. And as with most Open Wire displays, it sheds dust and dirt and allows … Continue reading Metro Shelf As Aquarium Display

Bakery Basket on Metro Shelf

Here open wire basketry on open wire shelves (albeit plank covered) gives instant visual access to the tasty wares. I was surprised that the baskets were not lined with linen napkins or such, as your dinner rolls arrive in a restaurant. But the lack of cloth background did not diminish the effect, Why was the … Continue reading Bakery Basket on Metro Shelf

Metro Under-Shelf Hang Rod

Famous for Foodservice Storage Systems, Metro Open Wire Shelving is often the fixture of choice in Retail Cookware Departments. Here an aftermarket hang rod allows vertical display of frying pans. Note that some pans hang directly on the rod, while others use hooks. CLICK the thumbnail for more detail. Compare to an alternative concept at… … Continue reading Metro Under-Shelf Hang Rod