Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks

A small-footprint Table-Top Spinner maximizes point-of-purchase Party Candle offerings in a minimum of space. Perfect for a small local bakery where the prime sell is the cakes and baked goods and little space is available for important, yet secondary, cross sells like this. See that portions of the display were picked clean of merchandise. Final fitout was … Continue reading Party Candle Table-Top Spinner With Plug-In Display Hooks

Plug-In Divider for Plank & Bar-Stock Merchandising

Suitable for organizing any material of length, these U-Shape Divider plug into the forward face of a Backbar System. Round-cornering eases the design, makes it pleasing to the eye, and offers contrast with the linear merchandise offered. Inspect the assemble via the gallery of images. Seen at Conygham Builders DoIt® Center. #   #   … Continue reading Plug-In Divider for Plank & Bar-Stock Merchandising

Do-It-Yourself Plug-In Bar Storage System

Though Rectangular and Square Profile Bar Merchandisers are horizontal fixture systems, there is no reason you can’t store your spare and backup bars vertically, as here, on standard pegboard. This Do-It-Yourself storage system is perfect for Plug-In Bar, employing almost any size or style Single-Prong Display Hook as mount from tiny hook as here to … Continue reading Do-It-Yourself Plug-In Bar Storage System

Nicole Miller® Branded Plug-Ins

A broad, flat table-top plane is a good starting point for this customizable Plug-In Table Top smartly branded Nicole Miller®. But consider from all angles and distances to realize that the see-through and background create a distracting “sight leak” … the pass through of vision and failure of the eye to focus on the merchandise in … Continue reading Nicole Miller® Branded Plug-Ins

Plug-In Pedestals Tiered

A multi-height, multi-rack-equipped Plug-In Display offers unusual enough shapes to command attention from angles, but see that from the front creates a sight leak … the pass-through of vision and failure of the eye to focus on the merchandise in the foreground. Unbranded here, it looks much like a Nicole Miller® Plug-In Table off camera stage-right. … Continue reading Plug-In Pedestals Tiered

Plug-in Hooks Your Preference?

This is one of the better traditional Plug-in Hook Bar Merchandising implementations I have seen: neat, orderly, clean and uncorroded. Plug-in Hook Systems are still available, as are the more modern Saddle Mount Hook, and Bar Mount Pusher Tray Systems. But whatever your preference, make sure you opt for no-tools–necessary Universal Bar Mounts. You’ll thank … Continue reading Plug-in Hooks Your Preference?

Wood Pegboard Plug-In Hook

Plug-in wood dowels mate with a holed wood backboard to create upsized Wood Pegboard System for Visual Merchandising. One Hook design does it all being equally able at showing off a Purse, Scarf and Shoes. Rearrange the pegs to rearrange the display or support other merchandise. CLICK the thumbnail for a broader view. This strategy was used … Continue reading Wood Pegboard Plug-In Hook

Ball-Stopped Reverse Waterfall Plug-in Hook

My interest was the Ball-Stopped Reverse Waterfall Hooks, which in this case just happened to display an array of shovels, spades and pitchforks. The rack allowed Top-Mount Plug-In to Crossbars at two levels and facing both directions. Oversize Ball-Stops insured rough-and-tumble tools such as these were held in place. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview … Continue reading Ball-Stopped Reverse Waterfall Plug-in Hook

Pin-Stopped Plug-In Hook

Key-Holed Plug-In Hooks become a permanent feature of retail, when built into the wall like this. Moveable positioning allows redeployment at will. A small visual footprint keeps the mounts recessive. Pin-stops on the Plug-In Frontwires keep merchandise in its place. CLICK through the gallery for a range of zooms. #   #   # For … Continue reading Pin-Stopped Plug-In Hook

Plug-In Tension Rod Hooks in Black

I have reviewed Tension Rods hung and corralled and now come full circle to rods supported by Bar-Mount Plug-in Hooks. Nice contrast of Black Powdercoat Hooks with gleaming Chrome Bar. The hooks feature a Label Holder Arm fronted by display-width Extruded Label Strip. A similar solution would be use of Saddle-Mount Hooks on square or … Continue reading Plug-In Tension Rod Hooks in Black

Clarks® Plug-in Fabric Brand Banner Repeats

If the logo-emblazoned fabric banner is inexpensive, why not scatter around the merchandising display? See that there was even space for the tag line “For All The Places You’ll Go,” CLICK the thumbnail for closeup and see that the entire plug-in display times two is branded and supplied by Clarks®. In a Shoe Department this big, … Continue reading Clarks® Plug-in Fabric Brand Banner Repeats

High Heel Pegboard-Peg Plug-Ins

Simple white-painted wood dowels on a hole-puched backboard create an oversize Pegboard for High Heels (or anything else) display. Displayed so cavalierly, the shoes hint at a lifestyle not just style. The counterpoint on this board is a silk scarf loosely knotted and draped. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view. Compare and contrast… “Wood … Continue reading High Heel Pegboard-Peg Plug-Ins

Wood Pegboard Plug-in in Closeup

Coming from a vertical display surface background, I just couldn’t tear myself away from these Plug-in Wood Dowels as Pegboard alternative. Thery were used in various locations setting a simple Visual Merchandising theme. Based on square backboard module they can be used one-up, or ganged as needed. CLICK through the gallery for zooms. Compare and … Continue reading Wood Pegboard Plug-in in Closeup

Cookware on J-Hook Bar Plug-In

  Bar systems can offer greater weight carrying and resistance to pull-through than Pegboard Hooks. Saddle-Mount Bar offers infinite horizontal adjustability and product spacing, Plug-In Bar like this incremental spacing. These J-Hook equipped Plug-In Faceouts insure regular spacing and the ability to face challenging items like cookware. CLICK the gallery for a peek at how … Continue reading Cookware on J-Hook Bar Plug-In

Pegboard Plug-In Dowels and Shelves

Another highly fixture-oriented review from the pages of Design:Retail. Coming from a heavy Pegboard background how could I not love this plug-in wood dowel and shelf creation. The dark grey background creates a floating effect for a bright array of color materials. CLICK the thumbnail for full-page view. Link out to read the piece at “Color … Continue reading Pegboard Plug-In Dowels and Shelves

Rack-End Plug-In Sign Elevates Store Decor

Sophisticated black and clear acrylic sign holder, though difficult to read amid in-store glare, elevate what otherwise would be overstuffed racks of apparel offerings. The beauty of a rack-end plug-in mount might extend to versatility if other fixtures and components were offered to take advantage. Why waste a perfectly good plug-in hole? CLICK the thumbnail for … Continue reading Rack-End Plug-In Sign Elevates Store Decor

Gum Vends via Plug-in Bar Hook

One example of a newer use of the old “Oscar Meyer” Plug-in Hook Bar Merchandiser. Updated systems feature a Universal Mount that attaches quickly to any thickness or design gondola upright in or out of the cooler. This setup also features the traditional over-the-top label holder strip. Compare and contrast… “Gum Vends via Plug-in Bar … Continue reading Gum Vends via Plug-in Bar Hook

Plug-in Top-Mount Wire Tray

If you retail truly “heavy-weight” items then this Super-Duty, Bar-Mount, Open Wire Tray couldn’t possibly fail you. Large diameter wire makes it a formidable fixture. And though not adjustable. or capable of auto-feed, it does seem available in two basic heights. The bar is of specialty top-mount Plug-In design, meaning these trays won’t fit or retrofit … Continue reading Plug-in Top-Mount Wire Tray

KitchenAid® Plug-In J-Hooks

Bar-Mount J-Hook Faceouts already get some play in Cookware merchandising. One wonders if this display flies the KitchenAid® brand by manufacturer design or retailer in-store support. The open spacious display is the good and the bad of it. Open and spacious elevates the item above crowded mass merchandising. But open and spacious can also cut … Continue reading KitchenAid® Plug-In J-Hooks