Impenetrable Vuitton Anti-Theft

Twin locks, three security lanyards and display behind thick plate glass guarantee this Louis Vuitton creation remains safe and secure. There must be something about this design that makes it a juicy target for roving bands of Purse Bandits. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view. #   #   # Compare and contrast… “Impenetrable … Continue reading Impenetrable Vuitton Anti-Theft

Getting Customers In the Store

Traffic a bit light in retail? Could be that sticky front door. Maybe you need to encourage your customers in their efforts to get in (or out). If nothing else, passersby will notice the sign and your store, even if they don’t come in. Image courtesy of je voudrais que. For obviously humorous retail signage see… … Continue reading Getting Customers In the Store

Smiley Board for Small Retail

More in the past than the present, retail permitted cork board posts of local notices, babysitter adverts and business cards. Today the cork has evolved to magnet mount. And Smile Buttons enliven this Retail-Boutique-Incubator lobby-situated board. Believe it or not, the Smilies attract the eye, because the board, like the entire lobby was a single … Continue reading Smiley Board for Small Retail

Product Stop Design by Gucci

Seen only along Gucci populated shelf edge, very distinctive in style … ergo, must be a Gucci Fixture Original.  Part sturdy product stop … necessary to keep those Gucci goodies from positively flying off the shelves … But part retail label holder strip too … see the hint of a label far down the strip. One … Continue reading Product Stop Design by Gucci

Right–Shoe–Only Merchandising

I have heard of stores that profitably cater to the left-handed only. This Karen Millen® display is interesting in that it uses 22 shoes for right feet only. I was blissfully unaware of right-footed as a demographic until stumbling (pun intended) across this. Frankly I am not sure if you could get the left shoe … Continue reading Right–Shoe–Only Merchandising

Turtle Riding at the Mall

Margarit enjoys fashion. I like store fixtures. But surely everyone likes slow moving but amiable giant land tortoises. This one was even outfitted with a quilt-design Saddle Blanket for comfortable riding and is far less less strenuous than bicycling. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup of the turtle. I can’t fully explain the turtle‘s hue … Continue reading Turtle Riding at the Mall

Tell Em You’re Their Biggest Fan

How about a new way to say “Thank You” to customers? Would you have thought of this one? And while you’ve gotten on their good side, the second sign asks for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube support. CLICK the thumbnail for the alternate signage. For obviously humorous retail signage see… “Getting Customers In the Store” “Chinese … Continue reading Tell Em You’re Their Biggest Fan

Godiva® Tag Line Not For You

My European wife often diss’s advertising she doesn’t understand. As an advertising man I counter “The ad is just not meant for you. It’s targeted for a different demographic and they really don’t care if you, in particular, appreciate the imagery or promo.” I assume the copywriter and creative director knew what hot buttons to push … Continue reading Godiva® Tag Line Not For You

No Soliciting Unless Thin Mints

I hardly ever see “No Soliciting” signs anymore. Maybe its the result of chain retailing and commercial establishments, where no sellable officer is on site and patrons are jealously guarded. Maybe it is a result of the growth in private, gated communities where non-residents are barred without invitation. Or maybe the Internet now offers global … Continue reading No Soliciting Unless Thin Mints

Hit on the Head in Retail

How can you avoid being hit on the head by a falling flying pan in the cookware aisle? Try a 90° Tip Single-Prong Display Hook like these for Slatwall. The upturned tip provides positive item retention, similar to that of Shelf Management Front Productstops. For other hook safety SEE… “Careful Alexix! Sharp Hooks” “Ideas Wanted: … Continue reading Hit on the Head in Retail

Unattended Child Warning

FixturesCloseUp has been experimenting with Pinterest as a tool for summarizing highly visual categories and tags. Though Visual Merchandising and store fixtures are at present only lightly represented on Pinterest, I did spot this warning to parents … watch your children or this retail establishment will crank them up on caffeine and send them home … Continue reading Unattended Child Warning

Rubbing Shopper’s Noses In It

What better way to rub shoppers noses in new air freshener fragrance concept than an intrusive shelf-edge sampler. And this one juts out into the aisle enough to be a real traffic stopper. The physical presence of a Scented Oil Candle mock-up adds realism. A die-cut sign overhang provides both a header, and unifies the … Continue reading Rubbing Shopper’s Noses In It

Designer Tardis at Short Hills

Apparently the TARDIS’ Chameleon Circuit has adapted to a new upgraded, upscale configuration just for this landing at the posh Mall at Short Hills New Jersey. At least I think it is a TARDIS, though Dr. Who was nowhere in sight. What is a TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, Model Mark 40) and … Continue reading Designer Tardis at Short Hills

God’s Eye View of Men’s Ties

Normally I am interested in the close up micro view of store fixtures. But I could not resist this “god’s eye” (Archimedean Point) view of ties from the second story escalator atrium. Now that is one hell of a lot of ties. Do you think your color and style is among them? CLICK the thumbnail … Continue reading God’s Eye View of Men’s Ties

Idiotic QR Code Campaigns

FixturesCloseUp’s focus is how the strategies presenting and fixturing QR are accomplished in retail and point-of-purchase. But given the current QR Code fad, you might enjoy these cross links to broader and funnier QR commentary. Link out to… “10 Funniest QR Code Fails” and “WTF QR Codes” For individual QR implementations and more see… “QR … Continue reading Idiotic QR Code Campaigns

Blue Chinese Porcelain Pedestals

If there were Western cupcake pedestal designs in fine Chinese Porcelain, they might look like this. And surely they would be merchandised in a Bell Jar. But I don’t think this is truly Chinese Porcelain, nor do the Chinese bake cupcakes, and the Bell Jar is actually more of a Cake Platter and Glass Dome. … Continue reading Blue Chinese Porcelain Pedestals

Luggage With Built-in POP Hooks

None of my travel luggage is equipped like this, but then I don’t fly with an old, classic valise. Still these internal hooks would be handy on the road. Particularly, if like me, you prefer to live out of your suitcase rather than unpack into hotel dresser drawers. Oh yes, the hooks also make for a handy … Continue reading Luggage With Built-in POP Hooks