Wall Safe Slot-Mounts in Retail Security Display

Slotted uprights allowed for shelf- and Wall Safe Mount at various heights. And while used in retail here, the Slotted Safe Backers might also allow easier Wall Mount in final use, just bolt or nail to studs, and drywall. Take a tour of this application via the gallery of images. See that branding or a … Continue reading Wall Safe Slot-Mounts in Retail Security Display

Neiman Marcus® NM Today Slotted Sign

If attractions change days-by-day and even hour-by-hour, a slotted sign like this makes sense for Neiman Marcus® store entry use. New attractions can be advertised as necessary, and repositioning as if a roll-down allowing late-day events to move to the top as the day progresses. Step through the gallery of images for functional details from … Continue reading Neiman Marcus® NM Today Slotted Sign

Henri Bendel® Custom Slot Hooks

Big names and brands think big and alike. Only in the House of Mercedes® have I seen a similar custom hook approach … and this one by Henri Bendel® is even classier. Gold-Tone hooks as a contrast to Black Slatwall with Silver Channel Inserts is a classy combination … one I would have though too … Continue reading Henri Bendel® Custom Slot Hooks

New Vertical Slot Hook Display For Jewelry

If you need a different, more upscale look than standard Pegboard, you might move up to a proprietary Perforated Slot surface as here. Proprietary because you need a custom Vertical Slot Hook to complete the display. Display surface and hooks are both white powdercoat and visuallly recessive to allow the Jewelry to pop. Step through … Continue reading New Vertical Slot Hook Display For Jewelry

New Vertical Slot Hook in Use Naked

Just how could a Vertical Slot Hook work and engage its Display Surface? Step through the gallery of photos below for various views. Know that spacing of these Slot Hooks duplicates that of Pegboard, but require specialized All-Wire Backplates. Follow this radical new Vertical Slot design at… “New Vertical Slot Hook Display For Fashion Jewelry” … Continue reading New Vertical Slot Hook in Use Naked

New Vertical Slot Hook Construction Details

Get a better look at Vertical Slot Display Hook wire forming in the gallery of 6 photos below. Know that elements and forming operations are very similar to All-Wire Pegboard Display Hooks, just oriented differently. It seems the Vertical Display Hook requires jut a tad more material to construct. An amount significant only if manufactured … Continue reading New Vertical Slot Hook Construction Details

INDEX: Slotwall: Vertical

INDEX: Slotwall: Vertical EDITOR’S NOTE:  Topmost posts may be scheduled but not yet live.  Please click further down the list if necessary. Follow Vertical Slot Designs at… “Folding Glasses On A Straight-Entry Hook” “Vertical Slot Display Surface For Jewelry” “Vertical Slot Display Hook in Place” “Vertical Slot Display Hook Details” “Single Column Vertical Slot Faceout” “Perforated Metal … Continue reading INDEX: Slotwall: Vertical

Eyewear Mirror for Slotwall

No one buys eyewear or sunglasses without seeing themselves in the frames. So you better outfit any rack or display with an easy-to-use mirror. This one mounts to the slots in this display or slot wall generally. It can mount at whatever height you deem appropriate, and because hinged, still adjust up or down for … Continue reading Eyewear Mirror for Slotwall

Clinique® Slotted Stand for Men

This Clinique® for Men Slotted-base Stand designs in flexibility as to the size and order of items displayed. Each item has its own upright holder, though one might guess that any one holder could fit a number of similarly packaged Clinique offerings. Take special note that the second row is positioned lower than the front row, … Continue reading Clinique® Slotted Stand for Men

Disney® Branded Slot-Mount Trays

Slot mounts, deep blue color, PowerWing location and the Disney® imprint help these DVD Trays stand out amid aisle of competing merchandise. Both the plastic trays and portions of the upright also feature Mickey Mouse head-and-ears knock-outs for a final personalizing touch. The Disney® name and outfitting worked because stock was low and sales seemed … Continue reading Disney® Branded Slot-Mount Trays

Christmas Ornaments Straight-Cut and Slot Mounted

Slots and Slotwall seem a popular form of vertical display surface in the Christmas Ornament Arena. Major players like Hallmark often include custom Slotwall Hook designs for their ornaments. But here is a demonstration of simple Straight -Cut Flatback Slotwire Display Hooks in use. A major advantage is this is a very common Hook available … Continue reading Christmas Ornaments Straight-Cut and Slot Mounted

Hallmark® Keepsake Staggered Christmas Slotwall

Given these Hallmark® Christmas Ornaments are various sizes, planning ahead for an irregular arrangement with Staggered Slots was genius in practicality. The staggered arrangement also kept the look from being too structured as aligned, regimented rows and columns of slots might have. CLICK the thumbnail for overview and gallery for zoomed details of the Flatback … Continue reading Hallmark® Keepsake Staggered Christmas Slotwall

Mercedes® Designo Custom Slotwall Hooks

Trust Mercedes® to offer a custom Slotwall Hook unlike any other. With their thousands of innovations and patents, this Visplay branded Hook was surely not designed on a napkin over coffee break. I did not thoroughly test, but with active ongoing use of sample swatches, take care that any mount system not be easily dislodged … Continue reading Mercedes® Designo Custom Slotwall Hooks

Poufs on Downswept Indexed Slot Bar Hook

If you need to keep a Bar Hook in location, an Indexed Bar with matching Backplate Display Hook is a sophisticated yet light-duty method of positioning. Clip-On and Friction Fit Bar Hooks also maintain position, but some are then harder to reposition. A standard Saddle-Mount might offer no resistance to horizontal movement. Regardless of your need, … Continue reading Poufs on Downswept Indexed Slot Bar Hook

Burt’s Bees Indexed Slot Bar Merchandising

Saddle-Mount Bar Hooks can be jostled out of horizontal position, so Friction-fit, Clip-on, or Indexed Slat Bars like this are employed to maintain spacing and planogramming. Of the latter three styles, Indexed as here allow the easiest horizontal adjustment and re-merchandising, though still might allow for some jostling. Many might not care about maintaining the display, but … Continue reading Burt’s Bees Indexed Slot Bar Merchandising

Slotted Endcap Hosts Stubby Scanner Hooks

Extremely short Flip-Front Straight-Entry Scan Hooks insure hookery stays within the footprint of this Stotted Endcap for reading glasses. The vertical rows of Slots make sure the similar size carded eyewear stays neatly arranged in regular columns. Color coding along the Endcap corners matches the Card color-codes for Diopter Strength organizing the offering. There are many intricate … Continue reading Slotted Endcap Hosts Stubby Scanner Hooks

Slotted Wood Vertical as Perimeter Merchandising Surface

    Classier fixtures and presentation step up your merchandising game. Here custom slotted wood verticals are the investment, with standard Flatback, Flip-Front Scan Hook outfitting. The Label Holders themselves are perfectly clear, with brilliant white drop-in plain paper labels. All this for the price of slotted wood runners, a hook and label. The fine wood … Continue reading Slotted Wood Vertical as Perimeter Merchandising Surface

Tension and Drapery Rod Slotwall

Various styles of Tension and Drapery Rod packaging suggest different outfitting solutions. Here boxed rods beg a slightly more sophisticated looking Slotwall Solution to display. The aisle of Rods looks spectacular, though overhead merchandising is scant, and if not used for accessory items, might serve for decorator item cross sell. Still one must admire the … Continue reading Tension and Drapery Rod Slotwall

Slotwall Scaled Up in Use

  Originating on a Store Design site, this updated Slotwall is at a scale seemingly targeted for Hospitality and Restaurant Retail or general seating. But it might also give you ideas for mainstream retail in either large- or small-scale formats. No additional explanation was provided, but I guess the larger holes in each slot permit … Continue reading Slotwall Scaled Up in Use

Vertical Speaker Slots in Retail

These vertical slots for speaker mount intrigued from a distance. I thought they might permit quick and easy adjustment of height to accommodate varying speaker dimensions or stagger heights. I was wrong, and could barely move the speakers. Sometimes display slots are used to thread wiring and connections, but with permanent speaker positions a simple … Continue reading Vertical Speaker Slots in Retail