Calphalon® Cookware Branded Butcher Block Outfitting

Calphalon® brands their butcher-block-style presentation table with both name and key use benefit … its Hard-Anodized finish. The wood table top stands out from the balance of the department which relies heavily on Metro-style SuperErecta Restaurant Systems for its theme. Interestingly the Calphalon® branding only appears on one table edge. I might suggest you brand … Continue reading Calphalon® Cookware Branded Butcher Block Outfitting

Acrylic Shadowbox Sign Frame Promotes Cookware

Macys® Cookware department is always a sparkling example of pot and pan presentation (contrast with say, the look of William-Sonoma). Though clear acrylic may not cast much of a shadow, I nevertheless classify this deep freestanding Sign Frame as a Shadowbox design. Though in this case its the contrast and visual depth of the sign … Continue reading Acrylic Shadowbox Sign Frame Promotes Cookware

Merchandising to Cookware Epicurious

  My brother has worked as assistant cook in Countryclub Restaurants. I am known only for my scrambled eggs. Which of us would be more Epicurious? This deep red Epicurious apron and mustachioed cook makes all curious, however, and draws attention to cookware at JCJenney®. Though the Visual Merchandising reported on before, it is worth … Continue reading Merchandising to Cookware Epicurious

Pallet-Load Cookware By Tramontina®

Note the space saving interleaf of cookware handles in this Tramontina® brand pallet merchandising of cookware. See that both back and front packaging also carry a vertical hanging image of the cookware for more instatntaeous recognition of the offer, no matter which direction the actual handle point. I think you’ll agree that the printed image … Continue reading Pallet-Load Cookware By Tramontina®

Daily Chef® Punctuates Cookware Benefits

Not only is this Daily Chef frying pan on hang rood instantly recognizable, but I liked its use here as visual mass to help bring your eye to the main brand identification and bullet pointed list of benefits. The frying pan punctuates and bullet points the overall display. Other subtle psychhology is employed by utilizing … Continue reading Daily Chef® Punctuates Cookware Benefits

Triangular Tower of Cookware

This three-sided assemblage of Wire Grid, creates a stable island for merchandising cookware. From many angles including this one, the circular pan faces catch and stop the eye at the correct plane.  But from other points of view “sight leak” was obvious, and the eye passed right through to be distracted by background elements. This … Continue reading Triangular Tower of Cookware

Cookware 90º Double-Hooked

One product’s package acknowledges a need for double hooks for stable placement. The other leaves the product handles to do the job. The retailer stabilized by assigning twin 90º Tip Slatwall hooks to both anyway. But both might be better served by longer hooks that allow products to hang free completely vertically and not angle … Continue reading Cookware 90º Double-Hooked

Disposable Cookware Productstop

This fixturing works well if merchandising a large quantity of disposable cookware is your goal. High extruded Front Product Stops help keep stacks of items faced, organized and on the shelf. No dividers are used, allowing free-wheeling organization of the various size and shape cookware. You might also consider canting the shelf by mounting in … Continue reading Disposable Cookware Productstop

Cookware Bundled on 90º Bar Hook

More elaborate fixture schemes exist, but here a simple Rectangular Bar and 90º Tip Saddle-Mount Hooks create a display for shrink-wrapped bundled frying pans. The vertical display contrasts with shelf-based offerings elsewhere across the store. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look, including a back-of-display, bar-mount sign holder. Scroll down for 90º Hook threads and … Continue reading Cookware Bundled on 90º Bar Hook

Cookware on J-Hook Bar Plug-In

  Bar systems can offer greater weight carrying and resistance to pull-through than Pegboard Hooks. Saddle-Mount Bar offers infinite horizontal adjustability and product spacing, Plug-In Bar like this incremental spacing. These J-Hook equipped Plug-In Faceouts insure regular spacing and the ability to face challenging items like cookware. CLICK the gallery for a peek at how … Continue reading Cookware on J-Hook Bar Plug-In

Cookware for Cannibals Hooked

I’ve lead something of an outdoor life, but never had I seen 6 inch diameter, and 18 inch long-handled soup skimmers like this. It had me envisioning huge black cooking kettles most often associated with cannibals or alternately witches’ caldrons. Now this was surely cookware for serious cooking. Good that it was hung by hook, for … Continue reading Cookware for Cannibals Hooked

Love Nest Cookware Sales

Good merchandising for small conveniece-oriented stores where singles might shop to avoid the mega store crowds. One-Egg Pans and short-run cutlery for studio, apartment or love nest. The All Wire Scan Hooks may not be exceptional, but the merchandising strategy is unique. CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup view. See that lovers are well catered … Continue reading Love Nest Cookware Sales

Butcher Block Props Cookware

Little else could visually augment these large cookers and roasting pans but natural Butcher Block as a display pedestal. True working kitchen furniture, this model includes a Wicker Basket Drawer that itself was pressed into service selling cookbooks. CLICK the thumbnail to zoom in for a closeup, then scroll down for more Butcher Block and … Continue reading Butcher Block Props Cookware

Cookware Mannequin Models BBQ Bandolier

Though ordinarily thought a man’s job, this female cookware spokesmodel is fully up to the task. Utensiles, apron, hand towels, and a diagonal, ruffled Bandolier. Is it a true sash, or a ruffled table cloth pressed into apparel service, I do not know. CLICK through the gallery of views and see if you venture a guess … Continue reading Cookware Mannequin Models BBQ Bandolier

Declined Metro® Cookware Display

Declined Open Wire Shelves have been a standard offering by Metro® for ages. I just do not see often in the retail circles in which I travel. This was a good example of the fixture, use, and merchandising thereof. Metro’s fame in restaurant fixtures adds an air of professionalism to cookware merchandising … hence its … Continue reading Declined Metro® Cookware Display

Cookware Hooks Are Bar Mount

Bar Mount Scan Hooks are one solution for Cookware display. The Backbar can support the heavy load of pots and pans, and offer infinite horizontal positioning to customize spacing for the myriad of types and sizes. Anything with a hole in its handle can be hung, with the Scan Arm Label Holder providing individual pricing and … Continue reading Cookware Hooks Are Bar Mount

T-Stand as Cookware Hang Rod

An open and airy yet in-your-face cookware display. And with grey (a neutral) ranked as the least visible color, even near-grey silver cookware stands out. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look at hanging hardware. Compare Hang Rod Fixtures at… “T-Stand As Cookware Hang Rod” “Hang Rod for Chesapeake® Stone” “Flat-Stock Moleskine® J-Hook Rack” “Metro … Continue reading T-Stand as Cookware Hang Rod

Cookware at Dicks Sporting Goods

If you are camper, outdoorsman or just plain cooking traditionalist, there is nothing like Cast Iron. So sporting goods store merchandising like this at Dick’s is a no-brainer. The use of tubular undershelf cross-members to support the weight of cast iron is where the thought went. As did the curiosity of field researcher Joe Kologe … Continue reading Cookware at Dicks Sporting Goods

INDEX: Cookware Fixtures

INDEX: Cookware Fixtures in Retail EDITOR’S NOTE: Topmost posts may be scheduled but not yet live. Please click further down the list if necessary. For all Cookware Fixtures by Title see… “Calphalon® Cookware Branded Butcherblock Outfitting” “Acrylic Shadowbox Sign Frame Does Cookware” “Acrylic Flyover Pedestals for Belgique® and Circulon® Cookware” “Belgique® Chef as Brand Icon” “KitchenAid® Color … Continue reading INDEX: Cookware Fixtures

Cookware on Grid of Jet Black

Cookware has been presented in numerous fixture formats, but here see on black powdercoat 1″ Grid with black Grid Scanning Hooks. Though you might think a small detail, I best like the black-back Flip-front Label Holders. A clear front window protects the label, while the black back integrates with the overall appearance of the display. … Continue reading Cookware on Grid of Jet Black