Swarovski® Stepped Slabs for Crystal

  Turned on their sides, the simple slabs of typical Swarovski outfitting become a stepped series of tiers for display of a crystal collection. See that pricing is the same, so a single indication is used at the end of each level. CLICK the thumbnail for a slightly different angle. Slabs like this are often … Continue reading Swarovski® Stepped Slabs for Crystal

Swarovski® Crystal Peacock Plinth

If you have more than one style Peacock for sale, you might consider displaying each alternately as the hero. Here a standing Peacock on a square Plinth struts in front of display materials for a full spread Peacock in full display. If one does not please your artistic palate, the other may. CLICK the thumbnail for … Continue reading Swarovski® Crystal Peacock Plinth

Swarovski® Crystals Brand Fragrance

Swarovski® signs and brands new Miss Aura fragrances by embedding leaded glass crystal on the cases and containers. In fact little attention is paid to the Miss Aura name, with the crystals reminding you whose overarching brand, and where you picked up this fragrance. CLICK through the gallery for various zooms. #   #   … Continue reading Swarovski® Crystals Brand Fragrance

Swarovski® Pink Petal Crystal in Motion

Swarovski crystal looks impressive enough stationary, but complex pieces, and the surrounding display, benefit from crystal-in-motion. The crystal carousels twinkle and glitter capturing attention and drawing observers. I named this a Pink Petal creation, but Swarovski might have a better more fashionable title. I think the price very attractive for a piece of this complexity. … Continue reading Swarovski® Pink Petal Crystal in Motion

Swarovski® Irregular Crystals in Motion

Though the rotation and ongoing twinkle drew attention, I could not make out these Crystal shapes. Two prices were adjacent and from some angles it does appear to be separate crystal executions. But what they were I cannot be sure. A good example of how difficult some merchandise is to display. But movement and reflections … Continue reading Swarovski® Irregular Crystals in Motion

Swarovski® Toasts the High Heel With Crystal

How better for Swarovski® to hint at a formal occasion for toasting glasses than a sexy stiletto high heel? Don’t have a pair of high heels handy or available for long term loan, create the impression with an illustrated foamcore cutout. The contrast among all the glitter was more dramatic than the photo conveys. CLICK the … Continue reading Swarovski® Toasts the High Heel With Crystal

Swarovski® Branded Crystal Store Ceiling

Sparkling hexagonal crystals decorate the ceiling of a swank Swarovski® store. More than mere industustrial chic, these are surely multi-season in use, being capable of dressing the store anytime, any place. I admired them enough to wish they were available as a mobile or home decor items. CLICK through the gallery of views to zoom and pan. … Continue reading Swarovski® Branded Crystal Store Ceiling

Crystal Balls Hogtied for J-Hook Display

Are these Fortune Telling Crystal Balls, colored glass decorative globes, or nautical floats and bouys? Whatever they hang hogtied and at home on Slatwire and Grid-capable J-Hooks. J-Hooks the best of all possible choices to keep this fragile item from being trashed and crashed. Round-end J-Hooks also have in-store safety advantages. So don’t forget the J-Hooks … Continue reading Crystal Balls Hogtied for J-Hook Display

Swarovski® Crystal Pokemon Video

I may classify wrong, but I think these are Swarovski unlicensed Crystal Pokemon interpretations. My interest is the revolving turntable to create crystal flash and glitter in a retail environment. These offerings were quite minute so needed the amplifying effect of motion among mostly static display. But once viewed closeup, their design was most interesting. For Retail Display … Continue reading Swarovski® Crystal Pokemon Video

Swarovski® Crystal Christmas Tree

The tree itself is not Crystal, but look close to see that the star-shaped ornaments are Swarovski Crystal. The metal tree outline does include metal star outlines to echo the crystal however. To me, a more contemporary design than I might have expected from Swarovski. More to my taste, however. CLICK the thumbnail for a … Continue reading Swarovski® Crystal Christmas Tree

Early Toast to Christmas Crystal

Christmas slowly begins to edge out Halloween in the retail merchandising venue. But what happened to poor Thanksgiving in this marketing lineup? This is a small visual merchandising creation and shelf display in an out of the way Wegman’s® location, but nicely done none-the-less. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate glassware offering. Scroll down for other Glassware and … Continue reading Early Toast to Christmas Crystal

Clear Label Strip for Crystal

This flexible extruded label holder is definitely not Acrylic, but is clear enough to whisper a message and not detract from the Glass Crystal on display. It is economical yet upscale in this use. Extruded shelf edge labeling strip is available for various thicknesses of glass shelf, and even a choice of angles from vertical … Continue reading Clear Label Strip for Crystal

Children’s Dining Area For In-Store Restaurant

An in-store Cafe features downsized tables and chairs for its youthful customers on the edge of the main seating area. Pretty grown up to be able to eat alone with peers. But supervision is close at hand if things degenerate into a food fight. Veggie posters decorate the walls but the health propaganda comes long … Continue reading Children’s Dining Area For In-Store Restaurant

Acrylic Ballot Box For Littman Jeweler Store Contest

Glass-like, crystal clear acrylic elevates the tone of this Littman Jewelers in-store contest Ballot Box. And while the contest forms are small and might miss attracting attention, the Ballot Box commands it. I personally entered because seeing the number of ballots in the box, my chances of a win looked good. What was the prize? … Continue reading Acrylic Ballot Box For Littman Jeweler Store Contest

Mug 90º Tip Slatwall Hooks Headline Mugs in Corrugated

We see the store ordered plenty of mugs shipped in ordinary corrugated containers. But the corrugated has little impact in creating an attractive display. An Endcap of cups on Slatwall Hooks is much more recognizable, if only you had enough Hooks and Slatwall space for the whole batch. But even with a smaller display area, you can … Continue reading Mug 90º Tip Slatwall Hooks Headline Mugs in Corrugated

The How-To Guide To Retail Christmas Preparations

The last months of the year are the peak in traffic, sales and profits. Of course FixturesCloseUp is your small-scale, tightly-focused, source of Holiday outfitting and visual merchandising ideas. But to take a broader look at merchandising strategies for Christmas use the FixturesCloseUp Clip Service link to “How Retailers Prepare for the Holiday Season” courtesy of … Continue reading The How-To Guide To Retail Christmas Preparations

Fishing For Live Air Plant Customers In Mid-Air

Air Plants … plants that grow without any need for watering … fascinate me. If I had more of a green thumb and time in my life I’s raise a tropical rain forest of them in my bath and other rooms. Or maybe I should set my sights a bit lower, and start small with … Continue reading Fishing For Live Air Plant Customers In Mid-Air

Free Retail Seasonal Whitepaper: The 2016 Holiday Shopper

Want to get a running start on your 2016 Holiday Merchandising? Get all the insights you need from RetailWire Resources and “The Holiday Shopper: 2016 Seasonal Whitepaper.” Be sure to tell them all that FixturesCloseUp referred you, that way they’ll keep me on their mailing list … and I can tell you in a timely fashion whenever … Continue reading Free Retail Seasonal Whitepaper: The 2016 Holiday Shopper

Super-Size Speakers as Escalator Drive-By Props & Pedestals

If your target market is a bit youngish, music is a big part of life. So why not giant speakers to set the theme for a Visual Merchandising Tableau? Yes, Bluetooth Headphones might be more up-to-date, but these Speaker Pedestals better convey the mood and age group from a distance. And construction far easier than giant … Continue reading Super-Size Speakers as Escalator Drive-By Props & Pedestals

Rope Suspension Display For Gold Peak Sweet Tea

An integral rope suspension system takes up the load on this creative Gold Peak Sweet Tea free standing display. Look close to see that it actually folds for shipping. I am not sure how they tie the rope knots accurately and regular enough to get this to work, but tie they did. And what money they … Continue reading Rope Suspension Display For Gold Peak Sweet Tea