7 Reach Extenders for Retail

Nowhere else but in an actual Store Fixtures Showroom could you see and test 7 styles of Retail Reach Extenders as seen here at M Fried in Brooklyn. Didn’t know there were 7 styles, and that one might actually be better for your store or chain than all the others? Then get your ass on … Continue reading 7 Reach Extenders for Retail

Mistletoe Extender Strip Merchandising

If there is such a concept as fixturing poetic justice, then Mistletoe Extender on a lengthy Strip Merchandiser is it. Yes, it could be Pegboard Hooked, but don’t you think the linearity of the Strip Merchandiser a better choice? CLICK the thumbnail for a closeup of the innovative product. It would make a good Stocking … Continue reading Mistletoe Extender Strip Merchandising

Scarves Tiered With Space Frame Extender

A Flatbar Merchandiser both displays a second tier of scarves, and acts as space frame to corral and organize the upper offering. Both tiers employ Saddle Mount 90º Tip Display Hooks. Note that the vertical display surface is Square Slot equipped. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate view. Scroll down for more Extender and Space … Continue reading Scarves Tiered With Space Frame Extender

Belts on Tiered Bar Gondola Extenders

Though the over all concept has been seen before (often in party, craft and gift) seeing gondola-upright Tiered Flat Bar Merchandisers for belts is a new-found application. Though shopped through and disheveled here at days end, I think it would look much more professional and enticing fully stocked and well faced. Important to this application are … Continue reading Belts on Tiered Bar Gondola Extenders

Bar as Pegboard Extender for All-Wire Hooks

A narrow perforated metal rail adds a forward row of hooks to this display just below the Header Sign. Forward Pegboard Extenders typically mount low so that long handled implements can hang behind, and cross sells display in front. It is possible if set higher, this particular arrangement would add a row of hooks vertically … Continue reading Bar as Pegboard Extender for All-Wire Hooks

Pegboard Extender for Garden Tools

Pegboard and Slatwall Extenders position extra display surface forward, with space behind for long merchandise. This display sells garden hand tools in front of long-handled shovels, spades, rakes and hoes. Forward Extender outfitting is Plastic Backplate Straight-Entry Hooks. Long-Handled items are displayed via various Double Arm Pegboard, Saddle-Mount Bar, Serpentine and Serrated Utility Hooks. The Extender … Continue reading Pegboard Extender for Garden Tools

Slatwire Extender Hosts FIST-Tip

This concept of Pegboard Extender is applied to position 1″ Wire Grid in front of the Gondola Backer. The Grid Slatwire is mounted away from the gondola back, creating space behind, put pushing merchandise display forward. In this case the rationale appears to be merely to position the Slatwire and its hooked merchandise for better selection. But … Continue reading Slatwire Extender Hosts FIST-Tip

Tension Rod Extender

A range of tension and drapery rod outfitting solutions exist. This is crafted around a Gondola-Upright Mount Rectangular Bar Merchandiser. The Bar is positioned several inches in front of the Gondola backboard as an “Extender.” Merchandise hung above can extend behind the Rectangular Extender allowing better placement of additional lengthy items. Hooks are Saddle-Mount Scan … Continue reading Tension Rod Extender

Perforated Extender in Metal

“Extenders” (most often “Pegboard Extenders” as defined on FixturesCloseUp usually position a display surface forward so that long-handled items can hang behind. This panel’s overall shape does not offer much advantage in that regard, but it does position a new display surface forward of the slatwall. This would be a nice way to focus attention on … Continue reading Perforated Extender in Metal

Plastic Shelf-Edge Shoe Extender

Shelf backstock serves as the counterweight to hold these cantilever plastic shelf extensions neatly in position. Simple snap rings anchor the signage and allow for give, in response to customer interaction. Frosted translucent materials helps the extender remain visually recessive within the store. CLICK the thumbnail for a closer view. For horizontal surface Shelf Extenders … Continue reading Plastic Shelf-Edge Shoe Extender

Old-World Shelf Extender

Traditional foods can still enjoy modern fixture advantages if designed to live with rather than compete with the Old World decor. Here calm and subdued green Shelf Extenders feature individual items, fronting triangular wood bins. A low shelf below kept foot traffic as arms length from the Extenders so there was no chance of snagging … Continue reading Old-World Shelf Extender

Extension-Pole Display Extender

Traditionally Extender fixtures provide added display space for items in front of a display to the rear. Here a Pegboard-mounted Extender provides space for display of poles and painters on front of the Pegboard itself.  This is the reverse of typical Extender arrangements, where the Poles would hang behind and the Extender would provide small … Continue reading Extension-Pole Display Extender

INDEX: Shelf Extenders

INDEX: Shelf Extenders EDITOR’S NOTE:  Topmost posts may be scheduled but not yet live.  Please click further down the list if necessary. For horizontal surface Shelf Extenders by title… “Push-Pin Curve for Shelf Edge” “Tool-Free Shelf-Edge Curve” “Plastic Shelf-Edge Shoe Extender” “Old-World Shelf Extender” “Single Item Shelf-Edge Extender” “Multi-Item Shelf-Edge Extender“ “Shelf Extender is Bottom … Continue reading INDEX: Shelf Extenders

INDEX: Vertical Surface Extenders

INDEX: Vertical Surface Extenders EDITOR’S NOTE:  Topmost posts may be scheduled but not yet live.  Please click further down the list if necessary. For vertical surface “Extenders“ by title… “Pegboard Extender Rack for Cards” “Bar Waterfall Merchandiser As Single-Unit Extender” “Pegboard Extender for Garden Tools” “Scarves Tiered With Space Frame Extender” “Belts on Tiered Bar … Continue reading INDEX: Vertical Surface Extenders

Extender Outfits Entire Aisle

Extenders allow one row of product to be displayed with other products hanging behind. They are not so unusual on a gondola unit or two, But this entire aisle is Extender outfitted to reclaim merchandising space and cross sell items related to the mops, brooms and long-handled cleaning hardware behind. These extenders field baskets, but … Continue reading Extender Outfits Entire Aisle

Dual-Benefit Gondola Extender

Extenders increase display surface area or shelf space. Here space is gained vertically above the standard gondola height by a Straight-Entry Slatwire-Bar Extender arrangement. In addition, riding forward of the gondola surface itself, the Extended better faces small, minimal-stock items in alignment with larger hooked items below. An interesting concept, with an unusual Striaght-Entry mount, … Continue reading Dual-Benefit Gondola Extender

Shelf Extender is Bottom Mount

Positioning the product forward will help it stand out in a crowded aisle. And this seems such a good merchandising offer that this Dollar Store retailer wants to make sure you don’t miss it. The unique bottom mount design of this extender is what I found more interesting than the merchandise. Look closely to see … Continue reading Shelf Extender is Bottom Mount

Modern Pegboard Extender

Half-height Pegboard in front of full-height panels can create merchandising opportunities. Long-handled items are hung at the rear, and hang behind forward panels which offer new selling space. And items like this with a common purpose, reinforce the sell and cross sell. This is a cutting-edge interpretation of a long-established retailing concept. CLICK the thumbnail … Continue reading Modern Pegboard Extender

Extender with Guarded Multi-Hooks

This well-designed point-of-purchase display functions in an “Extender” capacity. It mounts forward of the regular display surface, allowing longer, heavier chains to run behind from above. Because it sits forward, the designer “guarded” the display hooks to protect customers and eliminate snagging passersby. Note the built-in C-channel-style sign holder. For more enclosed hooks see… “Guarded … Continue reading Extender with Guarded Multi-Hooks