Bolster and Body Pillow Shelf Edge Fencing

As if Bolsters and Body Pillows themselves were not large enough to make a statement, an aisle-full guarantees you consider the upholstered proposition for your home decor. To contain and keep off the floor, intermittent Shelf Edge Fencing is used as minimalist Productstop. At first I thought low Fencing might be adequate. But changed my … Continue reading Bolster and Body Pillow Shelf Edge Fencing

Mercedes Benz Manhattan Escalator Fencing

This under-escalator guard rail is a nice design touch, though I would think more a requirement of New York City Building Codes than necessity. Anyone taking a minor shortcut underneath would surely duck their head, wouldn’t they? Denying access to the under-escalator Fire Sprinkler makes some sense too. But by defining the space, the railing … Continue reading Mercedes Benz Manhattan Escalator Fencing

Trader Joes® Far -Flung Fencing For Freezers

Trader Joes® doesn’t fool around, employing deep depth (or conversely high-walled) Fencing as the organizing strategy for Coffin Case Freezers that stretch off to the horizon. I wonder just how deep these Open Wire Dividers and the merchandise goes? Get something of an idea from the last frame of the gallery of images. Follow Trader Joes® outfitting … Continue reading Trader Joes® Far -Flung Fencing For Freezers

Offset Front Fencing With Low, Open-Wire Dividers

I know this as Offset Fencing with Low Dividers. Some more informally call it Bin Fencing or the less descriptive Interlocking Fencing. The “Offset” Fenced Frontstop adds a bit of capacity and shelf outreach, while the “Bin” concept makes suitable for bulk merchandising of all sorts from personal and travel size sundries to toys. If … Continue reading Offset Front Fencing With Low, Open-Wire Dividers

Offset Front Fencing With High, Open-Wire Dividers

Need more than the average amount of on-shelf binning, consider Offset Bin Fencing With High Dividers. The extended “Offset” Fenced Frontstop adds capacity and shelf outreach, while the Tall Dividers put the “bulk” in your on-shelf Bulk Merchandising. Others call this purely Bin or Interlocking Fencing. You might try all terms … Offset Interlocking Bin … Continue reading Offset Front Fencing With High, Open-Wire Dividers

Plush in Green Fencing

I don’t know why green, but any color might be a visual improvement over standard Beige retail fixtures. Even this dark Green adds a bit of shelf edge color and contrast. See that C-Channel Label Strip strives for appeal with wood tone color inserts. My apologies if better lighting might have given you a better … Continue reading Plush in Green Fencing

Open Wire Fencing for Chicken Wire Halloween Pumpkins

I puzzled over whether Open Wire Fencing was the best way to corral and display open Chicken Wire Pumpkins. On the one hand, both allow the eye to pass through, with the disadvantage of minimal visual mass. But solid dividers would obscure the offering itself. If you are a Chicken Wire Pumpkin Merchandising Manager with … Continue reading Open Wire Fencing for Chicken Wire Halloween Pumpkins

Tall Fencing Shop-in-Shop

Shelf Fencing is typically short-to-moderate height to contain items, or create binning on existing shelves. But if you have very tall merchandise consider this solution, and grow your Shelf Edge Fence super-tall. It has the added benefit of creating a mini-department of all similar items, well organized and easy to browse. Being massed merchandise, it … Continue reading Tall Fencing Shop-in-Shop

Garden Bench Fencing In-Store

Most gardens have a bench and a picket fence, so maybe it strikes a responsive mental chord to carry through the theme to Bench Miniatures and Retail Shelf-Edge Fencing? Loss control might be an added incentive. See that the green Garden Bench is already chipped and damaged. Maybe the white Fencing is an addition to help … Continue reading Garden Bench Fencing In-Store

Declined Alphabetic Fencing

Smaller scale Alphabetics fit smaller spaces, like full forwarded and upward display on Declined Fenced Gondola Shelves. Well spaced, all characters are legible and selectable, though once picked through gaps in the sequence will degrade the look unless quickly replaced from back stock. CLICK the gallery for various views. Compare and contrast… “Angled Alphabetic Dividers” “Declined … Continue reading Declined Alphabetic Fencing

Fencing Family Packs

A well-ordered Endcap display of theater-pack and family-size boxed candy is surrounded by a corral of Wire Fencing. The Fencing could also contain and display bagged candy with equal ease. The open wire Fenced fronts and sides allow color and some of the branding to peek through. Jolly Rancher is far more jolly in color than … Continue reading Fencing Family Packs

Fencing Fancy Facings in the Candy Aisle

These particular gusseted packages of candy are stalwart enough to stand and define their own lanes. But fencing helps define the space allocation, keep the rows neat, and in the case of several items, demark multiple lanes for well-stocked popular choices. Does the Fencing bother visually? You must judge for your situation. As you must … Continue reading Fencing Fancy Facings in the Candy Aisle

Self-Supporting Freezer Fencing

No matter what brand of freezer or cooler shelving you use, this Self-Supporting Fencing design could find application. Product packages anchor the Fencing which could also be used as Dividers. Just test in store, I am not certain of the reaction once stock runs low and packages no longer hold the Fence in place. As a solution … Continue reading Self-Supporting Freezer Fencing

Fencing Halloween Plush

Snuggle up to your favorite Sheleton Plush for a safe and warm feeling Halloween night. Shelf-Edge Open Wire Fencing preserves the view of the Plush, be it pillow, spider web or pumpkin throw. CLICK the alternates for closeup views. For Plush Merchandise Posts by Title… “Fencing in Halloween Plush” “Mutant Ninja Turtle Straight-Entry” “Ferguson® Brands the … Continue reading Fencing Halloween Plush

Hello Kitty® Declined Fencing

An entry Boot and Shoe Tray is an entry Shoe Tray … unless branded by the likes of a personality like Hello Kitty®. But how could anyone kick off dirty shoes and snowy boots onto Kitty herself? So you might find all piled on the right side of this mat. The display is Gondola Shelf … Continue reading Hello Kitty® Declined Fencing

$5 And Under Fencing

“But then one thing leads to another … leads to another” according to The Fixx” I have threads on Wire Fence, Plush, Dividers, Endless Basket with bottoms, and Split Ring use. This shelf-edge merchandising touched upon all, and looked pretty good too. So I could not pass it by. Filed under each of those TAGs , … Continue reading $5 And Under Fencing

Oversize Fencing for Pillows

Found corralling pillows, blankets and comforters this oversize fencing maintained order and product segmentation. Its presentation fully stocked was flawless but it is unknown how well it performed after stock has been ravaged by the customers.  Wide-spaced open wire construction further minimizes materials and promotes cleanliness by shedding dust and dirt automatically. Compare directly to… … Continue reading Oversize Fencing for Pillows

Fencing Post-It® Notes

Normally Wire Fence would not leap to mind as shelf management for Post-It Notes and such. But here it actually does a reasonable job even though a bit messy and unfaced from a long day of shopping and browsers. Follow Post-It notes in Retail at… “Fendi® Post-It® Note Pointallism” “For Merchandise, Look Right” “Post-It® Category Definition“ “Fencing … Continue reading Fencing Post-It® Notes

Fencing Paper Clips

A demonstration that small items need and benefit from shelf organization. How much less appealing and visible these office supplies would be without the order imposed by shelf dividers, in this case open wire fencing. Of course there are many other options both higher in cost (clear Acrylic molded?) and lower (extruded plastic and opaque … Continue reading Fencing Paper Clips