C-Channel Equipped Chrome Slatwall Loop Hook

Nothing says high-end like the glitz of Chrome plating. And no label holder system is as venerable as the C-Channel. Put both concepts together on a Slawtwall Loop Hook and you get something quite extraordinary. Step through the gallery of images to take in the sass and style of this one-of-a-kind outfitting. With a storeful … Continue reading C-Channel Equipped Chrome Slatwall Loop Hook

Vertical Loop Hooks Take A Hit For Rubber Mallets

These Vertical Loop Product Arms provide support capability for even massive Sledge Hammer support. But as long as outfitting for hardware impact devices, why not use for lighter-weight offerings like Blue Hawk® Rubber Mallets too? The Metal Plate Label Holder rides side-saddle to convey product and price information without interfering with access to merchandise. See from … Continue reading Vertical Loop Hooks Take A Hit For Rubber Mallets

Best of Vertical Loop Hoops In Retail Outfitting

For twin frontwires in a vertical plane see… “Vertical Loop Hooks Take A Hit For Rubber Mallets” “Mama Marys® Pizza Vertical Loop Hooks” “Mama Marys® Pizza Half-Castered Tower Unit” “Vertical Loop Hook Finial Branding by Crocs®” “Vertical Loop Hook? Unlikely!“ “Vertical Loop Hook Containment by Crocs®” “After-Market Gondola Median Sign Mount” “Kobalt® Hand Sledge Hook” … Continue reading Best of Vertical Loop Hoops In Retail Outfitting

Kwikset® Creates Catchy Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser

The visual key to this Kwikset® Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser is its key-like header. The fixture key are Loop Hook Product Arms able to support the weight of two full locksets each. An S-Hook anchors to Pallet Rack Upright adjacent to the Door Department. New door shopping? Then you’re gonna need a bright and shiny new knob, suggests this … Continue reading Kwikset® Creates Catchy Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser

Burt’s Bees® Jute Bag Premium On Loop Hook

If you tire of your multiple color and flavor selections of Lip Balm rattling around loose in your purse, Burt’s Bees® offers this free branded Jute Bag as a carry and organizing solution. It will keep your entire lip library well contained, and easily lifts from one purse interior to the next in an instant. You … Continue reading Burt’s Bees® Jute Bag Premium On Loop Hook

90º Tip Loop Multi-Hooks for Ceramics

Upswept 90º Tips can come on more than one-up Loop Hooks. Here Multiple Loop Hooks are spaced for permanent Point-of-Purchase display of custom name ceramics, backlit by candles. Bronze variegated powdercoat finish kicks the presentation up another notch or two. The 90º Tips help keep shrink to a minimum by insuring ceramics can’t fall to … Continue reading 90º Tip Loop Multi-Hooks for Ceramics

Mama Marys® Pizza Vertical Loop Hooks

This Mama Marys® Pizza Crust Tower is outfitted with two different Vertical Loop Hooks. Upper Vertical Loop Hooks snap on tho Flatcar Merchandiser allow spacing to be set for any of several size Pizza Crusts and Flatbreads. Within the body of the rack, Vertical Loop Hooks are permanently welded to square profile Bars, setting the … Continue reading Mama Marys® Pizza Vertical Loop Hooks

Purple Loop Hooks the Height of Fixture Fashion

If you ever hesitated to outfit a display with color powdercoated fixtures consider this Purple Clip-On 90º-Tip Loop Hook for Flatbar. I do not know the end use, whether a color tie to Brand, Season like Easter, or just color as attention compeller. But sometimes the color is worth the creative risk. To ease your state … Continue reading Purple Loop Hooks the Height of Fixture Fashion

Metal Plate Scanning Loop Hook Arm Uptilt

This All Wire Safety Loop Hook features a special uptilt on the Metal Plate Scan Arm. The goal is to improve merchandising by tighten vertical placement of the hooks lowering the rear of the Scan Arm, while still allowing easy product removal at the front. CLICK Thumbnail for alternate view. The hook is for Perforated Metal, … Continue reading Metal Plate Scanning Loop Hook Arm Uptilt

Mini Slatwall Loop Hook in Jewelry

Cute as a bug, and almost as small. This Flatback Safety Loop Hook is a miniature version do standard Slatwall Hooks of this genre. White Slatwall and Hooks allow the signature black item cards to stand out all the more. CLICK the thumbnail for a hook-only view. Scroll down for more Loop Hook tales and … Continue reading Mini Slatwall Loop Hook in Jewelry

Double-Loop-Hook Step Ladder Hang

Even I might be concerned about the load carrying capability of Pegboard Hooks if challenged with a heavy all-metal Step Ladder hang. Here two Heavy-Duty Loop Utility Hooks are employed for good measure. And it is not only the Heavy-Duty nature of the front wires, but the oversize backplates that guarantee a successful hang. CLICK the … Continue reading Double-Loop-Hook Step Ladder Hang

Vertical Loop Hook Containment by Crocs®

One can imagine these chunky children’s clogs constantly falling off the display. The Crocs® solution is a Vertical Loop Hook that permanently contains each hooked facing, even if overloaded. Disk finals add a finishing touch as well as space for branding. CLICK through the thumbnail and gallery for various views. Follow this Crocs® hookery at… … Continue reading Vertical Loop Hook Containment by Crocs®

Loop Hooks Are Gravity Feed

These certainly look like standard spaced Bar Mount Loop Hooks that, with a bit of downslope, become gravity feed units for Open System offerings of Preceision Screw Drivers. Franky I can’t think of a better way to present them with size and tip choices than this. Even the back tag label system allows vertical placement and … Continue reading Loop Hooks Are Gravity Feed

UltraCare® C-Channel Loop Hooks

A unique combination of Slatwall Backplate, Loop Display Hook, and C-Channel Label Holder. You might not think this amalgamation is of contemporary manufacture, but just look at the spotless finishing and nice fit. All hooks outfitted UltraCare® Vacuum Cleaner Bags, so maybe fittings supplied by the manufacturer for a more coherent in-store look. Labels seem … Continue reading UltraCare® C-Channel Loop Hooks

QINQO® Gift Card Loop Hook Outfitting

  I loved the clean modern look of this QINQO® rack so much I just had to add to my Gift Card fixtures thread and share with you. Sorry it is not one of my own shots, so I can’t show exactly how the Loop Hooks were attached. Is it a permanent mount, Loop Hooks protruding … Continue reading QINQO® Gift Card Loop Hook Outfitting

Dremel® Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser

A very low mount position is the most dramatic difference in this Dremel® All-Wire Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser for Pallet Rack. Though obviously capable of heavier loads it merchandised light-weight Dremel® Tool Bits within Power Tools. A Standard Metal Plate Label Holder provided a home for the deeply discounted price. CLICK the thumbnail for alternate view. CLICK … Continue reading Dremel® Loop Hook Strip Merchandiser

Victorinox® Knockoff Heavy-Duty Loop Hook

Is this SwissGuard® branded SwissGear® pack a knockoff in name and design to world-famous Victorinox®? It would seem so for if Victorinox, I would be sure to include that name in large type. But let’s not get distracted by the brand battle. See the heavy-duty Bar-Mount Look Hook is a bit of a second-class entry … Continue reading Victorinox® Knockoff Heavy-Duty Loop Hook

Euro Fixture: Hooked Loops

Hooked Loops not Loop Hooks. Though the two concepts are not necessarily mutually excluding. Knotting and Embroidery Hooks are seen hooked low in this Euro concept display. The placeent of large items high and low with smaller mid-level is an accepted and recommended storage concept. Large high should be light, large low should be heavy. But here … Continue reading Euro Fixture: Hooked Loops

Dyson® On A Safety Loop Hook

A single, 2-Piece, Standard-gauge, Straight-Entry Loop Hook is the only metal componentry required to suspend this Dyson® Digital Slim at an in-use angle for Point-of-Purchase display. Displaying low at Base Deck level rather than high allowed two floor surfaces to be built in at the bottom. The Loop Hook’s most important task here was more … Continue reading Dyson® On A Safety Loop Hook