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Fixtures Close Up Contact Information

Tony Kadysewski
336 Four Seasons Drive
Drums, PA 18222

LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/tonykadysewski/
EMAIL: Tonyka@ptd.net
CELL: 570-578-9223

Fixtures Close Up Quick-Read:

  • FixturesCloseUp.com WordPress Site: 8,500+ Active Posts
  • FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Site: 500 Boards and 18,500+ photo pins
  • Readership target Retail Fixturing, Outfitting, Retail Point-of-Purchase
  • Highest engagement rate of the top 7 retail and point-of-purchase sites
  • No heavy waste circulation in Flooring, Lighting, HVAC, Mannequins, etc.
  • Value of backlinks estimated at $122,795 (Based upon 1% Top Link basis)
  • 1,420,250+ Total Lifetime Page Views (To December 31, 2015)
  • 428,446 Annual Page Views (2015 total).
  • 54,141 Peak Monthly Page Views (January 2016)
  • 346,661 Total Lifetime Visitors (To December 31, 2015)
  • 122,473 Annual Visitors Annually (2015 total)
  • 3,896 Peak Daily Traffic Page Views: (November 18, 2015)
  • 750+ Pre-written Draft posts in On-Deck Circle Ready for Posting
  • Annual Search Engines Referrals: 176,769 (2015 total)
  • Annual FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Referrals: 23,705 (2015 total)
  • Annual LinkedIn Referrals: 15,883 (2015 total)
  • Best Traffic Times: Afternoons, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays
  • 1,850 LinkedIn Followers
  • Newly established FixturesCloseUp LinkedIn Company Page
  • Newly established Instagram channel
  • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, RSS, and email / blog follower channels
  • Total Fixture Followers 5,339+
  • FixturesCloseUp Registered Trademark
  • 7 year history on the web.
  • Industry Standard WordPress Format
  • 3-Month Content-Strategist-In-Residence support gratis

Tony Kadysewski FixturesCloseUp.com SelfieObjective Traffic Comparison:

FixturesCloseUp attracts
122,473 visitors annually
while over 164 Million ordinary Blogs
across the internet get less than
12,000 visitors annually.
Source: InBound Writer Infographic, 2015


Recommended Use Strategies:

  • Branding, Thought Leadership, and Promotional Exposure as Site Sponsor, ie, “ABC Manufacturing’s FixturesCloseUp.com”
  • Social Media augmentation of existing fixtures brand to 122,473 annual visitors.
  • Direct advertising vehicle with ads carried in companion column, 428,446 annual impressions. (See Fair Market Value Calculations below for advertising income and profit estimates)
  • Cooperative ownership and direct advertising by several non-competing fixture manufacturers, distributors or design firms.
  • A supporting site in wheel-and-spoke marketing constellation of sites, i.e., tie-back and point traffic to your main website (For related theoretical discussion see “Importance of Using Silos in your SEO Strategy.“)
  • Vertical Niche Market specialty site supporting a narrower targeted range of your broader market
  • Given a post inventory of 8,000+ posts and over 550 topics or index pages, FixturesCloseUP is capable of both Long-Tail and Head-of-Distribution Search Optimization
  • Create a FixturesCloseUp Linkedin Group as outreach to the Retail and Point-of-Purchase Fixture Market. A FixturesCloseUp Company Page h.as already been set up.
  • Search Engine Optimization by deep linking individual FixturesCloseUp posts to corporate site pages and e-commerce product offerings. Value of backlinks estimated at $112,500 (Cost basis: $15 per high-quality backlink from FixturesCloseUp to your site)

Fixtures Close Up Fully Defined

Retail and Point-of-Purchase Fixture and Merchandising Reviews
in Close-Up Detail (See About FixturesCloseUp for detailed mission)

Launched: May 2009

Trademarks Owned With Definitions: 

Fixtures Close Up®
Euro Fixtures™
Hispanic Fixtures™
Middle East Fixtures™

On-line journals, namely, blogs featuring case studies, product reviews, cataloging by taxonomy, analysis and rating of design and function, comparison of alternative solutions, recommendations for design and production improvements, and best practices recommendations concerning store fixtures and point of purchase displays, a unified field.

Providing a website featuring blogs and non-downloadable publications in the nature of case studies, product reviews, cataloging by taxonomy, analysis and rating of design and function, comparison of alternative solutions, recommendations for design and production improvements, and Best Practices recommendations in the field Retail Store Fixtures and Point of Purchase Displays, a unified field.

Legal Force Trademarkia: FixturesCloseUp

FixturesCloseUp Granted Registered Trademark Status

Owned Domains:


Detailed Traffic Measures



FixturesCloseUp 2015 traffic peaked at nearly 430,000 Page View and over 122,000 Visitors after a flat year in 2014 stemming from significant Google algorithm changes. But ongoing original content, supporting references and backlinks, retail photo and video posts won the day with the algorithms in the long term. Page Views in 2015 represented a 143% increase over 2014, being the best measure of onsite fixture research usage in this narrow niche market. To those interested in thought leadership, brand, and advertising measures, Page Views is synonymous with impressions. CLICK the thumbnail for a summary of major traffic sources and referrers to FixturesCloseUp. Top sources of traffic included Search Engines at 176,769, referrals from FixturesCloseUp Pinterest sister site at 23,705, and LinkedIn referrals at 15,883. In this narrow merchandising fixture specialty, Facebook and Twitter remain minor components as sources of outfitting researchers.


FixturesCloseUp January 2016 Stas


Monthly trends, while dramatically higher for 2015, followed the pattern of readership peaks and troughs of 2014. December 2015 evidenced the typical end-of-year and Holiday falloff of fixture research, but nevertheless hit new monthly highs of 40,860 Page Views (Up 153%) and 10,412 Visitors. Do remember that FixturesCloseUp trends measure online outfitting research. Your fixture sales and rollout cycles may differ or lag.

For an unbiased alternate perspective on performance see…
Independent Review of FixturesCloseUp for 2015

Google Analytic Traffic Measures

FixturesCloseUp.com is presently a WordPress.com not WordPress.Org Site. Only Workdpress.org Blogs can be tracked by Google Analytics. FixturesCloseUp.com can be upgraded to a  Worpress.org Google Analytics site. Meanwhile WordPress.com Traffic Stas are provided in the FixturesCloseUp Quick Read at the top of this column.

Please note that FixturesCloseUp is NOT meant to focus on YOUR or any one site’s specific keywords or referrers. It is meant to have broad readership among fixture, visual merchandiser and Point-of-Purchase readers without the clutter of conflicting lighting, flooring, surface materials, musak, mannequin, store design or other overarching design features. As such it is far closer to retail furnishing, fixture manufacture, hardware, component, display, design, and point-of-purchase than full store design or decor.

FixturesCloseUp Top Posts Commentary

One caution in interpretation is that some posts on the site for its lifetime have become Top Posts over the long term. Examples are the decorative scarf tie posts which are visited by Visual Merchandisers for new display ideas and knots. Research shows that you reach these posts most consistently with retail and merchandising scarf search phraseology … which is their purpose as fixture posts.

Top referral is by SEARCH ENGINE and a consistent high ranked referral from both LINKEDIN and PINTEREST. Since FixturesCloseUp is designed for fixture research and not trendy news, these sources significantly and expectedly outpace TWITTER as referrer.

For famous followers of FixturesCloseUp see…
Lady Gaga Follows FixturesCloseUp
Kangol Follows FixturesCloseUp Pinterest

Linkedin Top Ranked Member
Author rated as One of the Top 1% of Profiles Viewed
out of 200 million on LinkedIn.com
from exposure publishing FixturesCloseUp.com

LinkedIn Followers

Google Verified Site

Klout Score: 51.56
The average Klout Score is 40. Users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users. Klout Scores do not include WordPress Blog exposure so severely underrate the Score for FixturesCloseUp.com outreach and influence.
FixturesCloseUp Ranks in Top 50%
FixturesCloseUp Klout Increases Score

PinPuff Score: 41.3 / 60 / 1.9
Fixtures Close Up Pinterest Rank Scores

Pinterest Top Ranked Pinner
FixturesCloseUp Tops Pinterest



Supporting Assets:
Pinterest Boards Site, Twitter Feed, RSS Feed, YouTube Channel

TOTAL FOLLOWERS: 6401   (233 + 207 + 988 + 1,979 + 2,700 + 265 + 29)
(Updated May 31, 2016)

Wordpress Blog Followers: 233
Wordpress Blog Followers by Email: 207
MailChimp eMail List: 988

LinkedIn Followers: 1,979
LinkedIn Connections: 1,000+ (Linked in does not track above 1,000)

Pinterests Boards: 480+
Pinterest Pins: 13,000+
Pinterest Followers: 2,700+

Pinpuff Pinterest Scores
Reach Score: 41.3
Activity Score: 60
Virility Score: 1.9

Twitter Channel:

FaceBook FixturesCloseUp
29 Friends

RSS Feed:
Stats Not Tracked or Available

New Addition of Retail in Motion
FixturesCloseUp on YouTube.

FixturesCloseUp Positioning
Within the Retail Online Industry

Of the listed sites, Design:Retail, VMSD, and Retail Environments cast the widest net of retail coverage and supposed reader pool and interest. POPON.net, FixturesCloseUp, Creative Magazine, and Shopper Magazine are more specialized and reach out to smaller groups of total potential readers. Websites are listed in order of Total Pages Visits for Mar 16 thru Apr 16, 2016 as measured by similarweb.com. Do read the Table’s qualifying notes.

FixturesCloseUp Trade Website Comparison


As a “Niche” website not serving the the largest reader pool, FixturesCloseUp nevertheless has the greatest reader engagement with 3.15 pages per reader, 2:01 minutes on site, and the lowest Bounce Rate of 27.04%. Both traffic and engagement seem to be unrelated to total number of Google Indexed pages per site, rather correlate with type of information presented to intended reader … in the case of FixturesCloseUp … focused review of retail outfitting in detail. Of all the websites, only POPON.net and FixturesCloseUp.com offer extensive search and research capability, and only FixturesCloseUp offers this across all channels of retail as well as point-of-purchase, categorized by 550 topics. For FixturesCloseUp research capabilities see the “How To Research Fixtures” menu.

FixturesCloseUp Valuations:
(Provided for Comparison Purposes Only)

Fair Market Value (FMV) is an estimate of the market value of a property, based on what a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured buyer would probably pay to a knowledgeable, willing, and unpressured seller in the market. An estimate of fair market value may be founded either on precedent or extrapolation. Fair market value differs from the intrinsic value that an individual may place on the same asset based on their own preferences and circumstances.

Since market transactions are often not observable for assets such as privately held businesses and most personal and real property, FMV must be estimated. An estimate of Fair Market Value is usually subjective due to the circumstances of place, time, the existence of comparable precedents, and the evaluation principles of each involved person. Opinions on value are always based upon subjective interpretation of available information at the time of assessment (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

METHOD: Based Upon Labor
FAIR MARKET VALUE = $171,000 to $375,000

OWNER’S OPINION: Over-estimates FixturesCloseUp Value
CALCULATIONS: FixturesCloseUp FMV Based Upon Labor

METHOD: Based Upon MultiView Content Manage. / Soc. Media

OWNER’S OPINION: Under-estimates FixturesCloseUp Value
CALCULATIONS: FixturesCloseUp FMV Based Upon MultiView Rates

METHOD: Based ThomasNet Content Manage. / Soc. Media

OWNER’S OPINION: Under-estimates FixturesCloseUp Value
CALCULATIONS: FixturesCloseUp FMV Based Upon ThomasNet Rates

METHOD: Pre-Revenue: Direct Advertising Income
FAIR MARKET VALUE = $43,144 @ 10% Profit on Ad Sales
FAIR MARKET VALUE = $86,288 @ 20% Profit on Ad Sales
FAIR MARKET VALUE = $129,432 @ 30% Profit on Ad Sales

OWNER’S OPINION: Range of Values Appropriate for FixturesCloseUp Value
DATE OF ESTIMATE: 2015 Design:Retail Online Rates
CALCULATIONS: FixturesCloseUp FMV Based Upon Direct Adv Income

METHOD: Value of FixturesCloseUp Backlinks

OWNER’S OPINION: Overestimates FixturesCloseUp Value
DATE OF ESTIMATE: 2016, Quora.com Data
CALCULATIONS: FixturesCloseUp FMV Based Backlink Value

Contact Information:

Tony Kadysewski
Linkedin Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/tonykadysewski
Email: tonyka@ptd.net
Cell: 570-578-9223

FCU FixturesCloseUp For Sale or Sposnsoship2

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