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52 thoughts on “How to Share Or Follow

    1. Hi Robert. Yes I see you have an interesting technique. But I typically only comment on what I see personally in retail. If you send pictures of your technique in a retail use, however, I would at least consider. Good luck with the new business. Looks cool.

      1. Tony

        Thank you for responding.

        NO, we have yet to enter that market. As new materials, we are just now beginning to push our sales into this market.

        BUT…very cool site and a lot of interesting material there!

        Thanks you anyway…

        Robert Beverly

        Intaglio Composites

        3101 Pleasant Valley Lane

        Arlington, Texas 76015

        p817-465-2773 f 817-419-2773

      2. As you work your way into the field, keep FixturesCloseUp in mind for photos. Have you submitted PR to Display and Design Ideas and Visual Merchandising and Store Design Magazines? Contact links are on my LINKS page in the top menu. They will cover you as PR of a new material offering.

      3. Tony

        The links are golden…Thanks for the insight! My first company years ago featured case goods and graphics and we did Guess Jeans when they first rolled out in the early 90’s so we know the market a little and see quite a few possible applications.

        Robert Beverly

        Intaglio Composites

        3101 Pleasant Valley Lane

        Arlington, Texas 76015

        p817-465-2773 f 817-419-2773

  1. I always enjoy reading the posts and was wondering if it’s okay if I compile a list of my favorites on my blog. I would, of course, have a link to the your posts and give full photo credit in any format you choose. Just let me know. Thanks so much!

    1. THanks for the kind comments, Melissa. Please feel free to use anything you find on FixturesCloseUp. I am Creative Commons Licensed for use, re-use and remix of any and all materials with merely a source citation and backlink. So if you find anything of interest to your readers you may use without even contacting me about the specific material. I have already added your blog to my list of links in professional retail. A listing for FixturesCloseUp on your end would be appreciated. Let me know if I can help in any way. Regards – Tony

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